Analog Cameras

Fixed Analog Cameras
Analog Surveillance Camera C20
Full featured, compact color CCD cameras designed to provide superior picture quality over a wide range of conditions.
Surveillance Camera Analog BU
Indoor and outdoor analog bullet camera with integrated IR.
Surveillance Camera Analog FD
Indoor and outdoor analog dome cameras with up to 650 TVL.
PTZ Analog Cameras
Spectra HD Analog Security Cameras

Full featured and entry-level dome positioning systems with up to 36x optical zoom.

Surveillance Camera Spectra IV
Pressurized dome system to protect camera optics and electronics from moisture, corrosive gases, and airborne contaminants.
Surveillance Camera Analog Spectra IV SE
Designed for harsh environmental installations. Meets NEMA Type 4X and IP66 standards.
Surveillance Camera Analog Spectra IV SE
Dual wall construction and added thickness for added integrity and resistance to vandalism.
Surveillance Camera Spectra Mini Dome
Compact analog camera, ideal for discrete applications and indoor security.
Surveillance Camera Analog Esprit SE
The leading PTZ featuring dynamic window blanking, auto-tracking, electronic image stabilization and more.
Explosionproof Analog Cameras
ExSite PTZ Explosionproof Security Cameras

ExSite PTZ combines a receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure and IOP in a single, easy-to-install system.

ExSite Fixed Explosionproof Security Cameras

ExSite Fixed allows for standard and inverted operation with manual 200° Pan and 180° tilt adjustments.