Fixed IP Cameras

Sarix Fixed IP Security Cameras

Sarix Enhanced, Professional and Value Range IP Cameras surpass solutions currently on the market, offering a complete line of Fixed IP bullet, box and dome cameras for any lighting condition, any application and any environment.

All Sarix cameras integrate with major third-party video management systems through the Pelco API and ONVIF Profile S standards. In addition, Sarix Enhanced Range and Sarix Professional Range cameras are ONVIF Profile G compliant.

Importantly, Sarix Enhanced Range IP Cameras feature next-generation SureVision 2.0 technology, simultaneously combining wide dynamic range (WDR), low-light and anti-bloom capabilities for clear, detailed images in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Dome Cameras

Box Cameras

Sarix IXE+ Sarix IXE Sarix IXP Sarix IL10
WDR 130dB 100dB 65dB Not Rated
Min Illumination 0.05 lux 0.1 lux 0.3 lux 3.0 lux
Resolution SD to 3MP SD to 3MP SD to 5MP .74 MP
Frames per second 60 30 30 30

Bullet and Wedge Cameras

Sarix IBE+ Series Sarix IBP+ Series Sarix IBP Series Sarix IWP+ Series
WDR >130dB 75dB 65dB 75dB
Min Illumination 0.05 lux 0.05 lux 0.3 lux 0.05 lux
Resolution 1.3 to 3MP 1.2 to 5MP SD to 5MP 1.2 to 5MP
Lens Options

3 to 9mm, f/1.4

9 to 22mm, f/1.4

3 to 9mm, f/1.4

9 to 22mm, f/1.4

12 to 40mm, f/1.4

2.8 to 10mm, f/1.4

3 to 9mm, f/1.2

2.8mm, f1.8