1CH UTP Receiver
  • SUR-10
  • 1CH UTP Receiver
  • The UTP Video Transmitter & Receiver (SUT-80, SUR-10) converts the imbalance differential signals of CCTV cameras to balanced differential signals and
  • Provides differential signaling for video, power, and data transmission using 1 UTP cable
  • Minimizes the interference of various transmission noises
  • Provides BNC harness for the user's convenience
  • 2-level distance adjustment switch (Low: ~600m, High: 600~2.4km)
  • Max B/W via UTP cable: 2.4km, Max color: Differential video signaling up to 1.5Km when set to High)
  • Provides AMP & F.EQ gain adjustments for optimal video quality
  • Double duty power options: AC 24V 300mA & DC 12V 500mA
  • Convenient wiring options using RJ-45 Connector
  • Compatible with the older models of CVBS out cameras CVBS in DVRs, monitors, and dividers
  • Compatible with most UTP cameras and DVRs
  • Light, compact size perfectly fit into housings
  • When used with the SUJ-800, supplies power to a connected camera within 1km (Output current: DC 12V MAX 300mA; only DC-voltage cameras are compatible)