Panoramic IP Cameras

Optera Series
Security Camera Opetera IMM 12MP

The 360⁰ model is ideal for wide open spaces, including lobbies, parking lots, and building perimeters where total situational awareness and crisp detail are needed.

Opetera IMM 12MP
This unique, 270⁰ configuration is an ideal solution for corner deployments as well as over doorways and entrances.
Opetera IMM 12MP
Use the 180⁰ model for deployments on walls, in corridors and anywhere that demands a 180⁰ field of view.
Evolution 360° IP Cameras
Outdoor Panoramic Security Camera
Rugged vandal resistant surveillance for harsh outdoor environments.
Panoramic Security Camera
Discreet indoor surveillance in a compact design that blends in with the background.
Panoramic Security Camera
Total situational awareness for overt, 360° indoor surveillance with silent operation and no moving parts.
Mini Panoramic Security Camera
Ultra-small form factor for 360° indoor surveillance, suitable for ceiling, wall or table-mounted applications.