Specialty IP Cameras

Sarix TI Thermal Imaging Cameras
Security Camera Sarix TI PTZ
A powerful solution for perimeter security and border protection in low-light and no-light conditions.
Surveillance Camera Sarix TI Fixed
For immediate and reliable recognition of security threats, nothing compares to the image quality and analytics of Sarix TI.
ExSite Explosionproof IP Cameras
Surveillance Camera ExSite Explosionproof

ExSite PTZ combines a receiver, pan/tilt, enclosure and IOP in a single, easy-to-install system.

Surveillance Camera ExSite Explosionproof Fixed

ExSite Fixed allows for standard and inverted operation with manual 200° Pan and 180° tilt adjustments.

Fortified Camera Systems
Surveillance Camera FH-H

High-temperature camera systems configured for the hottest places on the planet.

Surveillance Camera FH-L
Low-temperature camera systems that survive - and thrive - in the coldest temperatures.
Surveillance Camera FH-M
Integrated camera systems that withstand high humidity to maintain ideal operational temperature.
Surveillance Camera FH-S
Integrated camera systems optimized for 12 VDC to operate off of low power voltage power systems.